Responsibilities of a wedding planner

Do you need a wedding planner? Do you know what are the duties of a wedding planner? If you don’t know the responsibilities of a wedding planner, you cannot take practical tasks from a wedding planner. He may deceive you in any sense due to your unawareness. That’s why you should get knowledge about the responsibilities of a wedding planner to get effective results. It will also avoid any inconvenience during your event.

Here are some essential responsibilities of a  wedding planner:

Conducting consultations:

The wedding planner conducts proper sessions with the client to discuss the wedding budget as well as available packages. These discussions reduce misunderstanding and help to increase the trust relationship between client and wedding planner. This consultation involves the planning of the whole event that includes vendors, venue, budget, and theme.

Discussion about client’s requirements:

A wedding planner has to discuss all the needs of the client about the wedding event.

Contracts with vendors:

A wedding planner negotiates contracts with specific vendors according to his budget. They pay vendors according to their budget.

Ensure the printing of invitation cards:

Wedding planner ensures the distribution of invitation cards, place cards, dinner invitation card as well as wedding programs.

Arrange accessories for wedding event:

A good wedding planner arranges all the necessary items of a wedding event in time. His duty includes the transfer of all the equipment as well as wedding supplies to the wedding venue.

Packing of wedding gifts:

Wedding planners ensure that the personal property of the client is packed and secured. He also provides the preparation of wedding gifts.

Monitor all activities:

A wedding planner monitors all the activities of the wedding to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Proper planning before the wedding and discussions with a wedding planner helps to prevent disturbances in the wedding event.


A wedding planner understands all the requirements of a wedding event and discusses everything with the client in a proper way. He/she understands the colors, style, and taste of the couple and manage all the things according to their taste.

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